About Us

Why We are Different

When the thump becomes your heartbeat, only then you know what it is like to ride a Bullet! We are a group of riders who love to travel on our Bullets. We are apolitical, secular group of people who share the same love for Royal Enfield motorcycles and travel.

Motorcycle is a rider’s best friend. They see so many things together, roads, mountains, rivers, rocks, breakups, failures, successes and more. The karmic connection of these 2 wheels with a rider’s soul makes a rider, a Royal Rider.

Why Choose Us

Are you ready to ride with people who love to travel; you are always welcome to Royal Riders Kerala aka RRK. The Idea to establish RRK was originally conceived by Mr. Binu Mohan, Mr. Suresh Kumar and Mr. Kiran S. Vijay. Royal Riders Kerala germinated in the minds during November 2012 and a development plan was completed thereafter. First meeting to structure the club was on 12th December 2012, at Shanghumukham. 17 riders attended the meeting and showed their love towards Royal Enfield and affinity towards travelling. First ride fixed for 23rd December 2012 to Ponmudi from Technopark Royal Riders Kerala believes that a passion for travelling should be an integral aspect of every ride. Important decision of the meeting was to conduct Regular rides every month. Mission of the club is "To ride for fun".

What You Get

Whether you're looking for off road tracks, twisty mountain passes, or long distance cruising, we try to put the best rides right on your map, We together will discover the best places to ride, we ride (not race) together for a destination or a route. We meet each month and decide the rides.

We have Rules

Yes, we have some rules also! A Brain bucket, the full face Helmet is compulsory for the rider, we suggest the pillions to wear helmets. All safety accessories, a mandatory crash guard on the bike, with all the mandatory documents of the bike and the rider up-to-date. All are requested to treat each other and women with utmost respect and make them feel welcome, People are more important than the machine. Please don’t mock, ridicule, disrespect others. Don’t bring Alcohol/ Narcotics/ Ego issues that’s unhelpful in building genuine friendship. We will not take any responsibility for any individual's traffic violation, accident, death, unmet expectations and unpleasant experience before, during or after the ride. The club have the right to change/modify/cancel the ride or anything related with Royal Riders Kerala without prior notice. Failing to comply with the group’s standards will lead to members being banned from the rides.